Dog Eating Dog Food

Pet Food Nutrition Counselling

Did you know that dog food labels are full of deceptive wording?

Do you know what you are feeding your dog?

Do you need help choosing the best food for your dog's nutritional health?

What you feed your dog is extremely important. It can save you a lot of money in vet bills if you are feeding your dog a complete and balanced meal.

Cosmetic Oils

Essential Oil Counselling

Essential oils are the strongest form of herbal medicine. 

Are you diffusing oils in your home?

Did you know that you are treating your dog and some oils are safe/some aren't? 

What are your dog's aliments? What has the vet diagnosed your dog with?


Would you like some guidance on how best to treat your dog holistically and safely?

Zen Stones

Distance Reiki

Energy healing for your canine friends.

Balancing their chakras.